Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sun in All Its Glory

After about 6 weeks of working 60 hours a week and with a new semester that started a few weeks ago, I've been a bit stressed out. My lovely boyfriend decided Labor Day weekend was a great time to whisk me away for a couple of days and basically do whatever it took to keep me away from my computer and cell phone. It worked wonders and I feel relaxed and ready to face the world!  We drove to Tucson, which is just a short drive from Phoenix, and spent the weekend in a resort. Something happened to my camera so I only got a few pictures before it broke. (Excuse to buy a better camera!).  However, I wanted to share a couple of the pictures I took.  The first is Friday's night's sunset right as we arrived at the resort. We were driving up toward the lobby and I looked to the west and screamed "STOP THE CAR!" After he recovered from his heart attack, and actually did stop the car, I immediately jumped out of the car with my camera in hand and took the pictures.

The second picture is actually a picture I took tonight on my way to school. I pulled over to the side of the road and took it. So you can see a park that's near my house and the road where I stopped.

I'm in love with the colors in these two pictures!  Arizona has stunning sunsets, although I have to say that a lot of the reason is because of the amount of pollution in the air. I guess it's worth it, though, because our sunsets are absolutely breathtaking!

I need to find that website where you can upload a picture and have it create a color palette for you. I'm finding a lot of inspiration in color lately and these pics definitely represent some serious inspiration!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Tara ~ I've never been to AZ, but I can see why it's so popular with sunsets like that!

  2. It's colourlovers.com. so much fun to play with the palettes!


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