Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coolest Giveaway Ever!

Look how pretty!  This is one of Maria Grimes' "Tide Pool" pendants! I love them so much, I can't even tell you! I haven't purchased one yet because every time I go to her website, they're all sold!  Anyway, she is having a way cool giveaway and you should probably click here to go read all about it. She is going to let the winner pick one word and she will create a set of beads based on that word. My go-to word in these situations is "beach" because I love the color palate and anything near water is a happy place.


  1. I found Maria's give away as well and entered. Tons of entries on there!!! I also found her pendants calling my name and visited to see they were sold out. No wonder, they are just gorgeous!

  2. That's incredible! I want to dive in. What beady beachy fun!


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