Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Couple of Giveaways

Has anyone else come down with the ick that's been going around?  My boss got it, she gave it to our department assistant, and then they both gave it to me. I'm on my third day off work and going just a little bit crazy.  Acute viral laryngitis and bronchitis. Yuck!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about some giveaways that are going on in the blog world.

First, Shea from gr8findings is having a giveaway of some of her fine silver components.  Shea actually won my giveaway from the Bead Soup Blog Party, so I was excited to enter her giveaway too! 

 (Picture taken from Shea's blog)

These are handmade by her! Aren't they yummy!  I've never worked with fine silver before (is it different from sterling?)  As you can tell, I'm clueless. The only thing I really know about silver is that it's extra super expensive right now and that it's pretty and sparkly!  :)

The other giveaway is by our Bead Soup hostess herself, Lori Anderson.  Check out her post here to enter.  She's giving away seed beads.  (I say those words in a whisper because I'm afraid of them. I've always admired seed beaders, but have been too afraid to try.)  I was sent seed beads with my bead soup, but I use them pretty much as spacers, etc.

(Picture from Lori's blog)

Hop over to Shea and Lori's blogs and enter.  Although, why bother - I'm going to win them both!  ;)

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  1. Thanks, Tara, for sharing news of my giveaway. To answer your question re: fine silver -- in my opinion, if I had to compare these headpins to a food in my refrigerator right now, I'd say these babies wrap like soft butter ... and they're easy to unwrap/rewrap, too, if you don't like the way they look the first time around. In a nutshell, once I started using them I found it was hard to go back to anything else ...


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