Sunday, March 6, 2011

Woohoo - I'm Done!

I'm not done seeing all the Bead Soup.  That may take a little while longer.  I am, however, done with my Google Reader. I've been neglecting it for the past couple of weeks and I was up to over 800 unread posts.  I have been sitting in this chair for about three hours and I finally got through them all!  So excited!  This week's goal is to finish looking at the rest of the Bead Soup.

So in February, I got a big bonus at work and a pretty big tax refund.  So, I bought a new laptop (my old laptop was dying and since I take online classes, it was a necessity), a Kindle, and a recliner for our house.  I also bought some pretties.  Want to see some beady eye candy?

Lampwork from Sooz Beads.  The colors on the first one are my very favorite colors - all on ONE BEAD! (Insert scream of joy!)  And don't you love the bubblies in the turquoise ones?

Pendants from Unique Buttons.  I am loving peachy/pinky colors lately and these definitely spoke to me.

I'm in love with Czech glass lately - the colors, the Picasso finish, the affordable price - everything.  I got these lovelies from Bead and Ribbon.  Aren't they delicious?  What's even better s that I bought a ton of them and they were still sooooo affordable!

And the ones that I'm positively drooling over:

It's the Mermaid Tail bundle from Gaea!  I am a sucker for the beach. I grew up in Minnesota - Land of 10,000 Lakes.  My town was right on the Mississippi River and one of the houses where we lived was right on the beach.  My boyfriend is from Maine - you can stumble out of his parent's house and be at the beach eating lobster.  Love the ocean and everything to do with it.  Sand dollars? Starfish? Mermaids? Shells?  Sea Glass?  Gimme 'em all!

So that's how I spent a tiny bit of my bonus.  Have you bought anything beautiful lately?


  1. yummmmy...all lovely choices!! Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. So glad you like my beads, I like your other choices very much. I'm really looking forward to seeing your creations!

  3. I am addicted to the Czech glass beads too, my favs are the ones with the picasso finish! I just can't get enough!!

  4. OMG I have the SAME FREAKINZG ADDICTIONS!!! Those bubble beads are just amazing! I too have fallen madly and deeply in love with Czech glass picasso - they looked pretty yummy with both brass and copper! I am also jealous of your weather it's about 20 and frozen here : (. Have a Happy Tuesday ! Patty

  5. I love the unique buttons which can be set and chosen according to the mood and the need of the dress.I love the one which is beaded here in subtle shades too.


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