Friday, June 17, 2011

Recovering From My Broken Fingers

So about a month ago, I broke three of my fingers on my right hand. Not conducive to jewelry making or blogging. However, they are starting to feel a little better and I'm hoping to be able to use them a little more soon.

I am suffering serious Bead & Button show envy. I went to the Tucson shows a few months ago, but I really wish I could have gone to B&B too! Does anyone know if you have to be a wholesale buyer for B&B or can you go as a retail buyer? I don't have a wholesale license and I don't sell my stuff - it's just a hobby/obsession.

For now, I'm going to tell you about some giveaways.

Andrew Thornton is having a serious giveaway of some of his B&B treasures.  Go here to enter.

So is Cindy - go here to enter.

And so is Lori, the Bead Soup Blog Party creator and genius. Go here to enter.

Copper Diem is also hopping on the giveaway bandwagon. Go here to enter.

And last, but definitely not least! Lana is having a giveaway and I've only recently found her blog, but I'm already hooked! You can enter here.

So...go and enter - hurry!


  1. Sending Kisses and Hugs! So sorry about your fingers. I have B&B envy too!

  2. Hope things mend quickly! I too, have B&B envy.......

  3. Sorry to hear about poor fingers and glad they're on the mend! Thanks for summarising all the great giveaways currently out there :-)

  4. Here's to hoping your fingers are on the mend and you're back to showing us your pretty things FAST!


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