Sunday, September 4, 2011


When I went to the Tucson Bead Show/Gem Show back in February, one of the booths I visited was Unicorne Beads. I fell in LOVE with their teardrops! How had I never seen those before? They had some $5 strands of discontinued colors and I picked up a few.  I really had no idea how to use them, but one day it kind of hit me. I put them next to some yummy gumball-like faceted agates (also picked up in Tucson), and my favorite bracelet was born!

The colors are a tiny bit washed out because Phoenix has two modes - sunny and hot as hell or nighttime. However, you get the point. I am in love with this bracelet - the colors, the way it feels on my wrist and the simplicity. The sparkles don't hurt, either. :)  I am not a small girl, and I don't like tiny jewelry. That's what makes this perfect for me.

Then, we have this bracelet. This is made with coral chips and wood beads. There are triple strands of the chips between the wood beads. I have since made a similar bracelet but with only one wood bead, which I haven't taken a picture of yet.

In other jewelry-making news, I am still waiting for Bead Soup inspiration. I'm seeing three separate and completely different pieces.


  1. Way to go Tara! I love both of those bracelets! The wooden one is just mesmerizing. I kept staring at the screen. :) That is such a great soup. Mine had to go on the back burner for a couple of days, but I'm heading back to it right now. Hugs!

  2. Very pretty bracelets....the red one is especially appealing.

  3. ps....I need to get going on my soup, too!!!!!!


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