Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Kit Is On Its Way!

I love Lima Beads. I love getting jewelry magazines because I can find so many new suppliers that way. The ads in Stringing, Bead Style, etc. are just as interesting to me as the jewelry. I found Lima Beads in one of those ads where they mentioned their Big Green Bead Machine. They have a great selection of Vintaj, which I love, and a huge variety of gemstones. I also love that they have art beads by a lot of my favorite artists - Missficklemeda, Gaea, Earthenwood, Jangles, etc.

I also admire Lorelei and Shannon. A lot. They make stunning jewelry. I hope to someday be able to make jewelry as beautiful as theirs. So when they partnered with Lima Beads for a challenge and I saw the kit, I had to join in!

Look at those colors! I feel calm when I see these colors. At peace. The materials they've chosen are absolutely luxurious.

So buy the kit from Lima Beads and make something. Or multiple somethings. There will be a blog hop on October 8.

I've been looking for ways to fine tune my skills, push myself creatively, and get comfortable with materials I don't normally work with. That's why I love the Bead Soup Blog Party so much. I have no idea what my partner will send me and it pushes me to be creative.

Go get your kit! Isn't it pretty???

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  1. those are great beads...I wanted to do that one too, but I don't think I will have time :( I'm sure you will create something beautiful. Can't wait to see it!!


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