Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BSBP - Need I Say More?!

First off, I just want everyone to stand up right now and give Lori a huge round of applause and maybe a hug. She's had a heck of a time getting everything put together for the Bead Soup Blog Party, amid some pretty serious personal issues that came up. She is Wonder Woman and  am in awe of the amount of time she spends helping other jewelry designers. So go give her a hug - she deserves it! While you're at it, she also really likes pie. :)

I was on vacation last week so I'm a bit behind when it comes to updating my blog with all the news.  My boyfriend's family is from Maine and we get out there about once a year to visit them.

 While we were playing with our nephews, 

...eating lobster,

...walking on the beach,

...finding sand dollars,

...and sitting on the porch until the sun went down,

...I got an email from my BSBP partner, Terry!

Terry sent me a lovely email introducing herself and her jewelry.  I am enamored with the vintage stuff she has in her Etsy shop and website!  Here are two of my very favorites:

The color combination in the second one is just stunning! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! The first one just appeared on her blog today as part of the Mostly Metal Challenge hosted by Michelle Mach.

After spending some time looking at Terry's blog and website, I knew I had to put together an amazing soup for her. I started by visiting The Beadin' Path in Freeport, Maine.

I spent a long time wandering around in there and was thrilled to find the perfect focal for Terry. They wouldn't let me take any pictures inside the store, so here are some exterior shots.

When I found the focal, I didn't really know where I wanted to go from there, so I decided to let it simmer for a while. Once I got back home to Phoenix, inspiration struck! And then I realized it would be easier to find the ingredients back in Maine. I powered through, though, and I think I've put together just the thing. I'll post a teaser picture tomorrow or Thursday. It's going out in the mail tomorrow morning and I will take some pictures before I finish packing it up.  I went with a "theme" - hopefully she doesn't think it's cheesy.

While I was gone, the number of unread stuff in my Google Reader went from 0 to 492! I have some reading and beading to do!

I also made a couple of bracelets for my boyfriend's mom and sister while we were there and I took pictures of those too. I'll update you later - I've probably worn you out for now!

Don't forget Lori's hug! Be back soon!


  1. I loved your theme....not cheesy at all! Thanks for posting my pictures :) You are a doll! Too bad Beadin' Path wouldn't let you take any pictures..guess I will just have to go there myself someday!! Maybe I'll tag along on the next trip to Maine?????

  2. Hi Tara!
    When you said you went to Maine recently too, I knew I just had to find your post. Wow, just look at these pretty pictures - and we both hit the Beadin' Path! :-) Where did you go in Maine? Which beach is this? I really loved it there and can't wait to go back again!


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