Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soup, Soup, Soup!

According to Google Reader, I follow 206 jewelry blogs. It seems like all 206 people are in a frenzy over Bead Soup! I'm one of them - believe me!

Now that Terry has received her soup, I can show you what I sent.

Remember this picture?

Well, now I can show you this:

Let me tell you a little bit these materials. I was inspired by my recent vacation in Maine and decided to do a Maine-themed soup!  The Keith O'Connor focal is from The Beadin' Path in Freeport, where I spent a good couple of hours. It reminded me a lot of a sand dollar I found at the flats, and then everything stemmed from there. My one regret is that I didn't find a lobster bead!

The small item next to the focal is a quartz frog - that was just for fun! The shells and pearls are to represent the beach. The earthier ceramic beads from Gaea remind me of the rocky coast. The tourmaline is from a strand I picked up in Tucson this past February. My boyfriend's family has a tourmaline quarry on some of their property and a LOT of tourmaline has been found there. I even have a ring with a tourmaline in it.  The "blueberry quartz"is actually a glass replica of the real thing. Maine is known for blueberries and lobster. I greatly underestimated how hard it would be to find it on short notice, though, so the glass replica will have to do.

While I was at Hobby Lobby picking up the Vintaj charms (flip flop and star fish), I came up with a great packaging idea. I bought a blue pail and some scrapbook stickers and sent everything in this.

Picture stolen borrowed from Terry's blog

I then wrapped all the beads in tissue paper in varying shades of blue and green and sent it off! You should go to Terry's blog post and look at her pictures. When I was putting everything together, it was about 11:30 p.m. and the pictures I took were terrible because it was dark in my bedroom and I had to use a flash so none of the pictures look very good.

So, that's what I sent.  Have you gotten your soup yet?


  1. Wonderful!!! I love the picture where you laid all of them out. You can really see how nicely all the colors work together....and ...did I tell you how much I love that pail???

  2. I loved the package you put together for Terry. I'm a beginner in jewelry making. I want to start beading. :) I am following you.

  3. Tara, what a gorgeous bead soup you sent! And such fantastic idea - the Maine inspired theme! What a coincidence, I got some pieces for my soup from the Beadin' Path too! And I got my focal in an antiques store in Kennebunkport...will be mailing it off on Friday. My partner and I agreed to send ours at the end of the month since we've both been traveling.
    I love the way you packaged your bead soup - you are one creative "Newbie Beader!" :-)


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