Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sarah's Sand Dollars

I was on vacation earlier this month - did you know? ;) 

Okay, I've been talking about it a lot. The reason is that I totally found my creative energy while we were in Maine and there was so much inspiration!

One of the days, we went to the Georgetown Working League Fair. Georgetown is a tiny little town on an island on the coast and it's my love's hometown. There are about 1000 year-round residents. His family still lives there and we visit them every year. I love his family, the town, the state, the ocean - everything.

The fair is a small event held at the school and they have some local artists who exhibit.

There are some painters whose work I would love to own some day, but my favorite find was Sarah's Sand Dollars. I don't believe she has a website, otherwise I would show you.

This is a real sand dollar that Sarah found on the beach in Georgetown or caught in her lobster trap. (She has lobster traps!).  She then dyes them and seals them.

This is what happens when the 3.5-year-old nephew gets his hands on your stuff.  Ahem...

This is the back of the card.

Isn't this an amazing find? I have no idea how she dyes them, but I have two sand dollars that I found at the flats and I want to give it a try. I wore it on my trip to The Beadin' Path and the woman there asked me about it. I told her about the necklace and she said the Rit laundry dye would work - it's what they use to dye their lucite. I had no idea! So I may give that a try. I also saw Gilders Paste on Artbeads' Facebook page and I wondered if that would work.

Any ideas?


  1. Gilders paste will work too. It's great. Go to B'Sue Boutiques to get it and tell her Deb sent you. B'Sue Boutiques also has some videos on youtube. Go to youtube and type in B'Sue Boutiques in the search bar area and you will find the gilders videos. It's great stuff and she has several colors.

  2. Oh Oh Oh I love sand dollars!!! I can not wait to see if it works for you!!!

  3. What a cool sand dollar! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  4. So pretty, Tara. Love that blue...it would have looked nice with my bead soup, don't you think ?? :) Definitely, please pass on how your colorizing experiment works out!!


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