Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Soup Has Arrived!

My favorite part of the Bead Soup Blog Party is the anticipation and wondering what you're going to get from your partner. When I finally went to the mailbox this morning, I found one of those lovely Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes in my mailbox and I got really, really excited!  Want to see what was inside?  Diane really spoiled me. I'm so lucky to have an amazing partner! We've also been trading emails like crazy over the past couple of weeks and it's like we've been friends forever!

First off, the packaging is my favorite part and look at this super cute make-up bag she put everything in?  I just had to get a picture of that, for sure!

Let's dive in and look at the good stuff...

Sari silk!  OMG, I love me some sari silk!  Here's the problem - in the picture, it looks teal but in real life, it's actually a bright, brilliant, kelly green. I take horrible pictures. I messed with the editing a little bit, but I couldn't get the color right. Sigh.

The findings - two lovely clasps, a bail and some cones. I've purchased some cones over the years but never used them because I'm never 100% sure how to use them. I'm going to use them this time, though  I really will!

The "soup". There are ceramic beads from Blue Moon, amethyst chips, Chinese crystal, freshwater pearls and some funky glass beads that I think she called tortoise beads. I love the pop of color from the amethyst and I'm OBSESSED with freshwater pearls!

Optional focals. The elephant is bone, which I've never worked with before. The key is something she found at an estate sale and I love it!  The diamond is a lemon quartz and I already know what I'm doing with it!

Ceramic focal and accent beads from North Shore Beads out of Lake Bluff, Illinois. Look at those colors!  I had to keep myself from licking them to see if they were a yummy as they looked!

Diane went to a bead show the same weekend I was in Tucson shopping so we got each other things from the shows.

I'll show you what I got her next!

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