Monday, February 11, 2013

Tucson 2013 - The Loot (Part 1)

I spent six full days in Tucson for the gem/bead shows. I was sneaky and took a few pictures and posted them in my previous blog post and on Facebook.  Well, I didn't mention that I bought a ton of stuff. Here's some of the loot - this is part 1.

Pearls! This represents some of the pearls I bought, some of the others have already been used in various projects.

Gemstones.  I got amethyst, fluorite, lapis, apatite, angelite, jade, aquamarine, crystal quartz, pink tourmaline, sodalite, agate, and I can't even remember everything else.  Yummy!

I just did this so I could revel in all the pretty colors!

I'll have more to show tomorrow!

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